Meet Robina Reid

School Liaison

Robina Reid has been a York Castle High School teacher and a robotics club coach since 2019. She interacted with students from grades 7-13 by introducing them to Robotics while nurturing her passion for teaching and working with students. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education specializing in Physics from the Mico University College. Helping each child in all areas of their development- academic, social, and co-curricular- is a challenge that she is honored to accept daily.

As a Physics and Integrated Science teacher, Reid motivates her students on the importance of Science and Technology. She also provides career counseling, engineering, planning school activities, and training other teachers to use various online platforms and resources for the 21st-century classroom. As a result, she received the Staff Award 2019-2020 for outstanding Co-Curricular Support. In addition, her team won the Captain of the Winning Alliance for the FTC 2019-2020 season and the Inspire Award for the 2021-2022 season.