First Tech Challenge (FTC) Jamaica

Changing the Future of Robotics for the Better

FTC Jamaica supports FIRST mission of promoting science and technology by providing late middle school through high school age youth a program that requires them to apply engineering principles in a competitive environment using robotics.

Resource Library

Programming Resources

Teams must program their robots to perform control, navigation, and autonomous operations.

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Robot Building Resources

Teams are require to document the technicalities and design of their robot and your journey throughout their preparation of the competition season.

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Team Management

Teams are usually made up of sub-teams such as: Programming, Marketing/Outreach and Engineering.

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FIRST Tech Challenge is scalable, and volunteer driven

FIRST Tech Challenge complements FIRST LEGO League Jr., FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Robotics Competition by providing a means for students to participate in the FIRST community from middle school through high school.  

Promoting Science Technology Engineering and Maths

The FIRST Tech Challenge program rewards teamwork, Gracious Professionalism™, and intelligent design with a cost-effective robotics platform.  The game and tournament format encourage iterative design and shared learning.

Experience a FIRST Tech Challenge Event

Several teams of up to 15 students make up the FTC Jamaica Competition. These students collaborate to design, build, and program a robot by exploring advanced engineering principles, developing innovative solutions, and creating career-ready skills.